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Sallypark Residential Development for the Elderly, Clondalkin

Project Details

CSR is delighted that our proposals for Sallypark, a new housing development for the elderly in Clondalkin, have been granted planning permission by South Dublin County Council.

The project, when delivered, will help unlock the River Camac corridor for Clondalkin’s residents and visitors through the provision of a new public park. For residents of this 85-unit scheme, CSR’s creatively-designed private central courtyard incorporates best practice in designing for an aging population — including clear distinctions between materials, traditional and structural plant species and frequent places to sit.

The trick to success on this project was making a place that works well for people and nature. CSR worked closely with McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects and South Dublin County Council to design an attractive and experientially rich public park that also accommodated fitness equipment, a small play area, a generous swale and an ecological buffer zone to provide habitat for bats and otters.

CSR’s response to the Further Information (FI) on this project included a comprehensive report and Visual Impact Assessment, which meant that on approval, none of the conditions directly related to the landscape proposals. The experience gained on this project is now helping CSR better advise clients on how to avoid FI requests, and to smooth out and speed up the development process.

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Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)